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The Vidyard Community is Coming to Cities Across North America!

Dust off your webcam and get ready to put video back into focus!

The Vidyard community is making the rounds to help you win more with videos! Are you interested in getting together with your peers to learn and share tips, tactics, and experiences using Vidyard? Read on!

Video has been proven to boost sales response rates, drive SEO performance, hit registration targets, close more deals – the list just goes on. But what types of videos have the greatest impact on marketing and sales? How do you scale video production? When should you use personalized video? Wait, what’s personalized video?

This Fall, Vidyard is kicking off it’s most exciting community initiative to bring those who are in interested in learning and sharing tips, tactics, and experiences using Vidyard together through the “Video in Focus” meetups. Regardless if you are a current Vidyard customer, partner, or just an interested individual, there’s something for everybody.

Andrei Vexler from Ceridian, Jason Gao from Post Beyond, and Steve Dinner from League sat on the panel of our first meetup in Toronto and shared golden nuggets of wisdom and experiences. There was no shortage of questions asked and it was clear that video was on everyone’s minds. An exclusive sneak preview of the Vidyard product roadmap was shared afterwards, followed with networking over delicious appetizers and a tour of our partner and venue host, Media One Creative.


We broke bread, literally, at the VIP Breakfast we hosted during INBOUND 2017. We had customers visiting from UK, partners from Japan, and industry leaders like Jen Spencer in attendance, enjoying breakfast and networking before heading off to the conference. Vidyard’s VP Marketing, Tyler Lessard, also hosted a roundtable discussion with 22 attendees and a live Chalk Talk.

Vidyard Community is Coming to Cities Across North America Community Event

Each meetup is unique and we invite you to take part in our next meetups! Video enables us to communicate more easily but nothing beats in-person conversations.

Here’s what one of our attendees, Meaghan Halloran, said about the Toronto event:

“As someone who is relatively new to video marketing, Vidyard’s community meetup was really helpful. It was great to hear from other marketers and salespeople who are experimenting with different tactics in their video strategy and to hear from the speakers who had diverse backgrounds. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Where are we off to next?

We are heading to Seattle, Austin, and Atlanta next. Check out our Eventbrite page for all upcoming events and we’re also taking applications for meetup organizers! Apply now and be the video champion of your city.

Can’t join any meetups in person? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Join us on the Vidyard Community on Slack to see what your peers are doing with video, pick up some new tricks, and be the first to get Vidyard product updates.

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Why Personalized Video Excels at Breaking Through to Buyers

If the average B2B buyer today were a superhero, they’d be Captain Selective Hearing.

Their attention shifts faster than a speeding bullet. Their willpower is stronger than a locomotive, and they’re able to leap over countless ads, emails, and messages in a single bound. They have the superhuman ability to ignore practically everything. Some 86 percent of them exhibit banner blindness and only two percent of emails they receive are ever opened.

If they stood in the center of a crowded stadium with all the marketers on earth shouting at them, they’d likely hear next to nothing.

For marketers, these buyers can be formidable foes. In order to break through and be heard many are turning to personalized video—and are overjoyed to find that it can be more effective than a truckload of kryptonite.

Buyers don’t really ignore you, they ignore things that are irrelevant

Just remember, it’s nothing personal. Buyers are bombarded with as many as 2,900 messages each day. The only way to process it all is to develop a subconscious filter for everything that sounds irrelevant. That could include the phrase “Dear Sir or Madam,” pop-ups, unknown URLs, and lavish offers from Nigerian noblemen. Filtering allows buyers to stay sane and only consciously engage with the messages that matter.

So what messages matter? Ones from friends, family, colleagues, and trusted influencers. As a marketer, if you want to break through that superhuman filter, be like your buyer’s friends and create a personal connection. There’s no better way to do this than with video.

Personalized video is your kryptonite for every stage of the funnel

Video is an inherently engaging medium and when you personalize it, it becomes doubly so. We’re social and animals who like to watch stuff—including each other—but when you show buyers a video that includes them in it, they’ll be awestruck. They’ll wonder how you did it and you’ll have both their attention and interest, for as Dale Carnegie reminds us: “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Here’s a taste of that sweetness:


Personalized video is a devastating weapon for breaking through subconscious filters and achieving awareness. Properly applied, it can:

  • Increase click-throughs by 4.5x. Just as people scan social media looking for photos and mentions of themselves, you’re offering them the same dopamine hit in a B2B context.
  • Keep viewers watching for 35 percent longer. Once a buyer’s attention has been captured, video is a fantastic medium for communicating a lot of information in an interesting way. It has a higher informational throughput than text, audio, and images alone because it combines all three.
  • Increase the chance that late-stage prospects buy. When buyers are shown personalized videos that demonstrate a solution, they experience it viscerally, increasingly comprehension. The marketing team at Salesloft found that 75 percent of late-stage prospects who received personalized videos became closed won deals.

Video is your key to getting heard by buyers with the superpower of selective hearing.

But wait, how does it work?

Indeed, how do you personalize videos at scale without spending a ton of time? What results to companies like Marketo, Reltio, and Influitive see with it? And where can you test drive this to see a video that’s been personalized just for you?

Great questions. It’s all in our new ebook, How to Drive More Sales Ready Lead with Personalized Video.

Read it and you’ll learn all the secrets video can offer: for you to finally be heard and to capture a superheroic level of attention from your prospects.

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The Top 8 Reasons Your Video May Fail

“To the victor go the spoils,” is a truism in politics, love, war, and video marketing.

You see, while video will soon account for 82 percent of all internet traffic, its gains are unevenly distributed. A few champions enjoy the lion’s share of views, engagement, and outcomes. The rest of the videos—the great majority of them—languish in obscurity on the lonely side of the bell curve.

Just look at Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, the top YouTube video at the time of writing. It has over 3.8 billion views—that’s 62,000 times more than the average YouTube video. He’s among an elite 1 percent of video creators who attract 93 percent of all views on YouTube according to Digital Music News.

Now, as we know, views aren’t everything. Actual engagement and impact matter a whole lot more, as does how you promote it and who you’re promoting it to. But when a video doesn’t get views, it’s unlikely to hit those other metrics, and that’s often due to a common mistake.  

Here are the top 8 reasons almost all videos fail:

1. The video wasn’t relevant

Your videos shouldn’t try to be everything to everyone. Your buyers expect a high degree of personalization from your video marketing and if they don’t get indicators that the video is specifically for them, they’ll tune out. If you can tailor your videos to verticals like healthcare startups and BPO providers, replete with images of hospitals and call centers, they’ll see far greater success than videos targeted to ‘businesses.’

The solution: Break content up into multiple, targeted videos. Or, use video personalization to personalize elements of each video and make it appear bespoke to each viewer. Click here to see your own personalized video!

2. The video was entertaining, and nothing more

Have you ever laughed really hard at a commercial and then thought, “Who was that for again?” If so, that advertiser wasted a tremendous amount of money. In this age where most marketers are trying to stop interrupting people and instead become what they’re interested in, they can overdo it. If your video doesn’t drive viewers toward a goal, it isn’t marketing. It’s just entertainment.

The solution: Devise a video strategy so that your videos drive viewers toward goals like engagement, shares, leads, or pipeline.

3. The video’s goals didn’t match its budget

You must make a choice with each video: high budget or low budget? As long as you pick one, it will resonate. If you don’t, the video will appear to be trying to be something that it’s not. This happens when marketers try to fake big budgets with lots of animations and over-wrought intro music, or when they cram otherwise simple videos full of actors, settings, and effects that don’t add any value. Sort of like most movies directed by Michael Bay.

The solution: Think about your video library as a pyramid. At the top are high-cost, agency-produced videos. Spend money on those. The rest of the pyramid—the vast majority of your content—make do with a low budget. Just look at our chalk talks, which are each the cost of one pack of colored chalk.


4. The video was cringeworthy

Approval processes exist for a reason. There are plenty of inside jokes and zany video plots that sound like flashes of inspiration but which shouldn’t see the light of day. Many are released anyway because teams protect their idea—sometimes to avoid criticism, sometimes for the sake of surprise—to disastrous results. (Looking at you, Pepsi.)

For an example you probably haven’t seen, look at Mellow Mushroom’s commercial below. What sounded funny on paper ends up visually associating their pizza with indigestion.


The solution: Run unusual video ideas by executives and trusted customer advocates. As is often the case, if you have to ask, you probably already know the answer.  

5. The video was boring

It can be difficult to assess how interesting your audiences will find your videos. Sometimes, it’s due to subject matter. You’re the expert, after all, and you’re bound to find things like lead de-duplication and neural networks fascinating. Other times, it’s due to execution. Slow pacing, predictable dialog, artificial emotions, and canned lines can leave your film looking like it came from the high school drama department.

The solution: Conduct user research to ensure that your video topics actually get prospects and customers excited. Then, use storytelling techniques to make sure that the excitement comes across.

6. The team didn’t measure deeper analytics

As with so many fields, in video marketing, ‘data-driven’ is often more of a mantra than an actual practice. Despite the fact that videos are linear and can track user behavior in a uniquely insightful way, not all companies are using a video analytics platform. Of those who do, not all are actually basing decisions on the data.

The solution: Use a video analytics platform to see precisely where views are interested, where they drop off, and use this data to optimize future videos.

7. The video was too long

The data is definitively in: people want shorter videos. Only the top 5 percent of videos retain 77 percent of viewers until the last second. The average video retains only 37 percent of viewers right up until the end. People trail off gradually starting at the beginning until almost no one is left. That means if you want something to reach the greatest number of eyeballs, you have to put it at the start.  

The solution: Shorten your videos, yes, but also front-load value. Like Quentin Tarantino, start with the middle or the end and then work back. Turn it into a mystery, but get that information out when you have the greatest number of eyeballs.

8. The thumbnail or title didn’t scream, “click me!”

It’s not uncommon for marketers to spend hours scripting and shooting a video only to allow their video software to choose the thumbnail. The result is often a still that doesn’t include any text or context, or has someone sneezing. That’s like writing a novel and forgetting to give it a cover, or writing a play and forgetting to sell tickets.

The solution: Make your thumbnails click-worthy by turning them into ‘movie posters’ for the video. Use a headshot of one of the main actors (especially a highly expressive one) and text that hints at the content but raises questions. Then, A/B test and optimize for click-success.

Hungry for even more video marketing tips? Read 50 video marketing stats that prove you’re doing it right.

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